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New look on the blog. Link in profile 😁

New look on the blog. Link in profile 😁

Casually Cute (Part 2)


DSCN0484I’m known for not really having a casual style, despite my recent fashion post. I wear things like printed shift dresses with a drop waist and pointy toed flats to graduation parties and midi dresses and combat boots even when I go to the mall. It’s where I truly feel like myself, but for all you who are yelling at me to put the clutch down and take off my Cyber lipstick, this is for you.

DSCN0483I mean,…

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"There’s something very important about films about black women and girls being made by black women. It’s a different perspective. It is a reflection as opposed to an interpretation, and I think we get a lot of interpretations about the lives of women that are not coming from women."
-Ava DuVernay, Writer/Director/Producer of “I Will Follow” and “Middle of Nowhere” (via womanwholovestruth)