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New post on the blog. Link in profile! 😄  (at

New post on the blog. Link in profile! 😄 (at

"I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. You deserve BETTER. There are better out there that deserve YOU. Don’t waste your heart on someone who doesn’t see how great it is. Don’t let him change your heart for you or anyone else. Protect yourself. You need to realize you’re worth better, because you ARE. Go find someone that makes you happy without them even trying and when they do try they make you even more happy. Be with someone who wants to invest as much time into you and you do them. Be with someone who admits they were wrong and wants to make things better. Be with someone who loves every single part of you even if it drives them nuts. Be with someone who is honest, faithful, and kind to you and your heart. But most importantly love yourself enough to find what you want, need, and deserve and go out there and do that."
-A message to a friend (via ynitsedminaj)

Laugh a Little

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If you’re anything like most people in the world, you could use a laugh. You’ve been at work for days or doing nothing for days, either way a laugh just might make your day a little better. So, I present to you two blooper reels I saw posted on this article and also on Youtube. Anyway, if you like Scandal or Grey’s or just like watching actors mess up their lines and act goofy, enjoy!


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